Gifts for Plant Lovers

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Houseplant Tool Upgrades

Plants aren’t the main things that can be wonderful! Your cherished one will appreciate a wonderful (and practical) move up to the devices they use to keep their plants blissful and sound.

Plant Care

These instruments assist your plant darling with removing the mystery from really focusing on their plants. These choices are incredible gifts for starting and high level plant sweethearts!

Develop Care Sticks

Have a plant sweetheart who likewise is a brilliant home fan? These Bluetooth develop care sticks are awesome. Pop one in a pot, and afterward through a cell phone application, get told in the event that the plant needs more water, manure, or daylight. Self-Watering Bulbs — always remember to water again with these charming watering bulbs. They spill water right to the foundations of the plant a little at a time.

Houseplant Care Cards

Learn how to really focus on 32 normal houseplants with these flawlessly represented cards. Each card tells you initially what sort of climate and watering the plants need on the front, while the backs walk you through investigating.

Leaf Wellness Pest Spray

This splash is a straightforward irritation deterrent and treatment that is both compelling and smells perfect. Furthermore, it makes plant leaves glossy and wonderful!

Grow a Damn Plant Journal

A houseplant diary that you’ll really utilize! In addition to the fact that you monitor your watering and treating regimens, however there is likewise space to follow two years of development, irritations, and proliferations.

Develop Light

This gooseneck LED develop light is truly four lights in one — making it truly adaptable to fit around any size or number of plants. It cuts onto a rack, pot, or window ledge easily!

Mod Sprout Smart Grow Frame

Plants are masterpieces, and should be shown accordingly! These edges arrive in different shapes and sizes, and accompany an underlying develop light. Presently you can perfectly flaunt your plants even in dull corners!

Lovely Planters

Plants are ravishing all alone, yet we’ve never met a plant-darling who doesn’t cherish a wonderful grower or plant holder to add to their assortment. Here are the ones we are adoring in our own homes!

Tal and Bert Planters

These geode grower are totally the most gorgeous grower we’ve at any point seen! The substantial and mineral compartments can bring a perfect proportion of unobtrusive shimmer to a room.

Mud Cloth Plant Basket

These high quality material plant holders conceal the ugly pots houseplants come in, in addition to they work everything out such that the plant is effortlessly held tight an accessible snare!

Self-Watering Planter

Self-watering grower are a divine being send for people who are as yet developing their green thumb or who leave their plants for quite a long time at a time (like someone who leaves plants in an office throughout the end of the week). A repository is loaded up with water, and the plant can then absorb as the need might arise.

Variety Block Plant Hanger

A plaited cotton holder makes it simple to suspend pots before a radiant window. These holders are durable and have wonderful variety block subtleties.

Egret Savannah Garden Pot

This bird-molded grower comes in two pieces so your plant gets sufficient waste while carrying a hint of eccentricity to your plant shows.

Eyelash Ceramic Planter with Saucer

Coming in both pale pink and white, these sweet pots have extraordinary waste and look cute.

Yellow and Striped Planter

A splendid and merry cachepot for your #1 plants will add an additional wonder to your plant rack.

Macrame Plant Hangers

We have holders in numerous varieties from this Minnesota craftsman, and they are a wonderful method for hanging plants.

Warm Florals Paint by Number Kit

This DIY unit is an ideal method for passing some crisp winter evenings, and the eventual outcome is totally show commendable.

Do-It-Yourself Terrarium Kit

This terrarium unit is an extraordinary gift for the growing plant darling — youngster or grown-up! It contains all that you want to make 2 delightful little terrariums, little dinosaur figures included.

Hand tailored Houseplants: Remarkably Realistic Plants You Can Make with Paper — Know a plant darling with a dark thumb? Paper plants are the nice job! Get this book to make your own delightfully practical plants for giving, or gift the book to your #1 crafter so they can make their own.

Plant Lover Accessories

Assist your number one plant-darling with shouting their affection for plants clearly and pleased with our #1 adornments!

Plant Mom/Plant Dad Pins

Share your adoration for plants with these “Plant Mom” and “Plant Dad” pins. The metal and finish pins are solid, and accompany a safe elastic back that is less inclined to tumble off than the winged metal sort.

Monstera Keychain

Carry a keepsake of your plant love around with you the entire day with this monstera leaf-molded keychain.

Pineapple Air Plant Magnet

This recovered wood jar comes in two tones — gold and yellow. With just the right amount of air plant inside (included), it very closely resembles a pineapple.

Delicious Candle

The fragrance of this flame has layers of new cut grass and agave that smells really new. We honestly love this free candle organization in Indiana! The candles endure forever and smell astonishing, and the organization is 100 percent sans plastic.

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