Best GeoGuessr Alternatives

Delivered in 2013, GeoGuessr is a topography game stage. It utilizes Google Maps road view to exhibit pictures, while players surmise the area.

GeoGuessr used to be free. You could get to every one of the highlights without paying however presently, it’s an exceptional stage.

The free adaptation is restricted with insignificant quality, which has made the stage less interesting to clients.

In the event that you’re a GeoGuessr client and you really want another option, look at the 10 best GeoGuessr choices underneath. The rundown incorporates free choices also.


The Seterra application allows you to learn geology while having a great time. It highlights topography tests on each landmass and country on the planet.

With this stage, you’ll look further into country capitals, urban areas, waterways, lakes, and others.

Notwithstanding tests, Seterra highlights a few topography printables – pdf guides of nations and urban communities.

You can get to additional game modes with Seterra than GeoGuessr. GeoGuessr highlights five game modes – adventurer mode, country streak, star associations, day to day challenge, and fight royale.

In the mean time, Seterra highlights nine game modes including show all, learn, various, decision, pin, pin hard, type, type simple, and type with auto-complete.

You can without much of a stretch change starting with one game mode then onto the next while playing.

In spite of the fact that you can make a guide with the guide producer on GeoGuessr, with Seterra, you need to redo a current guide test to make a custom test.

While GeoGuessr can be converted into 10 distinct dialects, Seterra can be converted into 39 unique dialects.

This makes Seterra a superior GeoGuessr elective.

Seterra Pricing

You can get to Seterra for nothing on the web.

Nonetheless, you can get to tests and printables. To partake in its ongoing interaction, you ought to download the Seterra portable application for your Android or iOS gadget.

Here are its evaluating subtleties:

•           iOS App – $1.99 one-time installment

•           Android App – $1.99 one-time installment

Seterra additionally includes a few enrollment levels for the internet based variant with various valuing plans, which include:

•           Participation Level 1 – $1 each month

•           Participation Level 2 – $5 each month

•           Participation Level 3 – $10 each month

Decision: Seterra demands a one-time installment for the versatile application, while GeoGuessr charges memberships. Subsequently, Seterra is more reasonable than GeoGuessr.


The stage is possessed by TeachMe. Quite, TeachMe is a stage that gives instructive games and applications that are utilized by a huge number of clients.

Beside PlayGeography, other TeachMe games incorporate MathGames, TypeRacer, and EdShelf. As a matter of fact, PlayGeography highlights up to 92 geological guides with more than 12,000 inquiries.

Like GeoGuessr, there are five different game modes you can play on PlayGeography. Notwithstanding, the game modes on the two stages are altogether different.

PlayGeography game modes incorporate nation area, banners, capitals, and nation territories. Every mode includes in excess of 10 games with the greater part of them having up to 30 test questions.

You can set different trouble modes for each game mode. Also, each game is planned and the quicker you answer your inquiry, the higher the focuses you procure.

The PlayGeography stage is totally allowed to utilize. You can play all game modes at zero expense, yet it is just accessible online by means of the site.

While GeoGuessr highlights applications for cell phones, PlayGeography doesn’t.

Therefore, utilizing GeoGuessr is significantly more agreeable than utilizing PlayGeography. In any case, the PlayGeography site is responsive on any gadget type. Additionally, clients don’t have to download or introduce anything.

One more con of PlayGeography is that you don’t get many assistance assets contrasted with GeoGuessr that includes an assistance community and client discussion.

You can message the stage proprietors through email or via mailing their addresses. A contact structure is highlighted too.

Decision: GeoGuessr has more specific game modes than PlayGeography. Nonetheless, PlayGeography highlights a bigger measure of test questions. Moreover, you don’t burn through cash to utilize PlayGeography albeit the stage is electronic as it were.

City Guesser

Here is a critical, free GeoGuessr elective on our rundown. The engineer was enlivened by GeoGuessr and he fostered the game in 2020 just after GeoGuessr turned out to be more premium than free.

Be that as it may, it’s much more shortsighted than GeoGuessr is.

It is a program based geology game sent off and accessible to everybody. In spite of being generally new, City Guesser has been highlighted on top locales like PCGamer, Product Hunt, and The Burn-In.

To play, all you want to do is to choose any area, set the trouble, and begin speculating. You can choose around the world, USA, Europe, and Asia. Strikingly, City Guesser allows you to play landmark random data.

You get to investigate various landmarks from various regions of the planet.

City Guesser highlights four game modes which incorporate streaks, multiplayer, strolling visit, and driving visit. The eminent game mode here is the multiplayer mode.

To play GeoGuessr with your companions, you’ll need to play in breaks. With City Guesser, you and your companions can go up against one another through game rooms.

City Guesser highlights various giveaways to assist clients with knowing their areas. This incorporates things like tags, language, banners, business names, and street signs.

You can get to comparative giveaways with GeoGuessr, however it is, without a doubt, truly noticeable with the star variant. The free adaptation isn’t of great, so these giveaways aren’t effortlessly seen.

You can utilize City Guesser for nothing. The stage doesn’t as yet charge, yet you can partake in a first class gaming experience as there are no promotions on the stage.

Alternatively, you can help the engineer monetarily by giving cash for server costs.

Decision: City Guesser was designed according to GeoGuessr. This makes the stage one of the most incredible free GeoGuessr choices. The multiplayer highlights give City Guesser a significant lift over GeoGuessr.


Geotastic is a crowdfunded topography game. The game is straightforward; you decipher your environmental elements to find out where you are.

It’s an adaptable game to such an extent that you can move around your environmental elements with a road view or surmise utilizing the guides. Additionally, players get free theories that go about as clues.

At the very least, Geotastic is another GeoGuessr elective that upholds numerous players. Clients can either make a neighborhood game, for a solitary player mode, or a web-based hall game, for multiplayer games.

For multiplayer, just the maker needs to have a record. Different players can join the hall and play without possessing a record.

Beside the single-player and multiplayer game modes, Geotastic likewise includes a test mode.

This is generally like the everyday test mode that GeoGuessr highlights. By and large, GeoGuessr includes more game misfortunes and areas than Geotastic.

As a Geotastic client, there are not many customization choices for you. Preferably, you can make your own guides with Geostatic, very much like with GeoGuessr.

You’ll need to contact the engineer assuming there’s any guide you might want to add which isn’t included. Similar applies to different enhancements.

All while you pay to get to GeoGuessr’s highlights, you can get to all of Geotastic for nothing. Nonetheless, the stage is crowdfunded.

The engineer isn’t paying server costs with their own cash yet with cash from gifts.

Subsequently, as a Geostatic client, you’re supposed to give. The stage will crash when gifts quit coming in.

You can give through PayPal or SEPA bank move. Gifts can be any sum for certain clients giving just €0.50 and others as much as €15.

Decision: The benefit of Geotastic over GeoGuessr is that Geotastic is allowed to utilize and you can play single-player and multiplayer modes.


GetLost is one more elective that was propelled by GeoGuessr. It’s a road view application that involves road view guides to show irregular areas for clients to distinguish them.

With no check required, you can make a record to play like a flash.This option doesn’t highlight different game modes like GeoGuessr. Notwithstanding, its interactivity is remarkable. Clients can distinguish the area on their screen by concentrating on the road side pictures or they can figure by clicking anyplace on the highlighted map.

GetLost highlights areas from everywhere the world however most are in North America and India.

The focuses you get from each right speculation rely upon the vicinity to the genuine area. The lesser the distance in miles, the higher your focuses.

For example, you can procure up to 20,000 focuses for a distance under five miles and only 50 focuses for a distance more than 500 miles.

Each game meeting comprises of five adjusts and you’re scored for each round. Toward the finish of the fifth round, the all out focuses procured is your game rundown.

On the off chance that you really want assistance with the GetLost game, you can contact the designers through a contact structure. The site doesn’t include assist assets with enjoying GeoGuessr.

GetLost Pricing

You can utilize GetLost free of charge to play only one game meeting of five rounds each day. Here are its top notch valuing choices.

•           Genius Monthly Plan – $3 each month

•           Genius Yearly Plan – $24 each year

Decision: GetLost and GeoGuessr have comparable estimating plans. Nonetheless, the benefit with GetLost is that you can constantly play one full game meeting each day for nothing.

Stow Away and Seek World

Once more stow away and Seek World is a geo game created out of motivation by GeoGuessr. Be that as it may, Hide and Seek World is quite not the same as GeoGuessr as the stage is stringently multiplayer.

You can either join an irregular game or make a game to play with companions.

There are two game multiplayer game modes: Classic Match, where you stow away and track down your companions, and Find Wolly, where you and your companions contend to track down the mascot.

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