Games Like The Room (2022)

The Room was sent off in 2012 on the iOS store and immediately became one of the top games on the stage with its extraordinary mix of secret, physical science, and experience. At the time this mix and nature of The Room were in front of comparable versatile riddle games and this achievement immediately prompted an Android (2013), Windows (2014), and Nintendo Switch (2018) adaptation among different 2012 portable honors.

Not at all like numerous other versatile games in the class at the time The Room interactivity utilized three layered puzzle difficulties that the players could control. Players could turn the game view to settle the riddle boxes before them and furthermore use an extraordinary focal point that permits them to track down significant mystery pieces of information.

The games like The Room here plan to convey a comparative creative or noteworthy riddle insight, basically for cell phones. While a greater part of these games is accessible on iOS and Android gadgets various PC choices and free games like The Room have additionally been incorporated.

The House of Da Vinci

The House of Da Vinci is an unusual spot permitting you to investigate the home of the creator himself in a phenomenal 3D plan as you settle perplexes and reveal a more extensive secret. Spread around this home are every kind of riddles from the mechanical to objects with stowed away data that the player should find and analyze and depending on the time of Da Vinci. Accessible for play on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac, and in the end likewise the Nintendo Switch console The House of Da Vinci allows you to investigate.

Managing down the riddle insight to its most fundamental structure hocus (otherwise called hocus.) allows you to play as a red 3D shape while you endeavor to navigate and control a wide range of bewildering conditions. A PC and versatile game eventually mixes optical deceptions with stage game components and with its straightforward plan is great for the portable or relaxed gamer. hocus is a paid game on iOS and Steam with an allowed-to-play Android form upheld by promotions and in-application buys.

Harmony Bound 2

Find your own Zen in Zen Bound 2, a one-of-a-kind riddle game that spotlights a sluggish and loosening up puzzle insight to allow you to remove the pressure from life. With this quiet and reflective experience accessible for both PC and Nintendo Switch you’ll have the option to loosen up at home or in a hurry. Your goal in each degree of Zen Bound 2 is to tackle the spatial riddle that is introduced before you which requires the piece of rope under your influence to be folded over the different wooden models.


The Silent Age conveys an extraordinary mix of jazzy, basic, and strong ongoing interaction essentials that make for a charming experience and puzzle insight. In The Silent Age, you’ll assume command over Joe, a totally normal janitor, and assist him with saving the world through a side-looking over puzzle experience that includes some time travel components. While not your conventional legend this setting fills in as a feature of the general appeal that the game brings to the class.


Shadowmatic will have an impact on the manner in which you take a gander at the world expecting players to approach their theoretical creative mind to progress through this bewildering game that uses shadows. Accessible for iOS and Android Shadowmatic centers around players making shadows of articles by utilizing outlines of strangely molded ordinary and not-so-regular things.


Delivered in April 2012 Fez is a riddle experience like no other with its emphasis on game world control (pivot) to settle perplexes as opposed to coordinating communication from your symbol. With this exceptional reason consolidating with an incredible workmanship style and story Fez is a riddle game that is more about the experience and general plan than conveying outrageous cerebrum prodding puzzles.

Quern – Undying Thoughts

Quern – Undying Thoughts offers an account of secret and extraordinary riddles as you endeavor to open the narrative of Quern’s past subsequent to becoming caught on the island. Subsequent to venturing through a peculiar entry that rapidly destroys shut after you move forward you’ll be caught on Quern island.

Linux Mac PC

Everlastingly Lost is a progression of puzzle experience games split into 3 chillingly ghostly parts of the story, voice acting, conundrums, and coherent testing puzzles with point and snap experience mechanics. Perpetually Lost is accessible on iOS, Android, and through the Steam stage in the rambling organization.

The Tiny Bang Story

The Tiny Bang Story mixes puzzle and secret article games along with a lovely hand-drawn workmanship style and conveys it to your PC, cell phone, and Nintendo Switch. With north of 30 riddles looking for you in this puzzling point and snap experience mix The Tiny Bang Story will take you around about six hours from beginning to end contingent upon your speed of progress. The game is set on Tiny Planet which was once a dynamic and quiet climate loaded up with variety, individuals, and peculiar items.


Interlocked offers up a difficult versatile game based around interconnected wooden blocks. What looks straightforward on a superficial level is everything except as you endeavor to open the 3D wooden block confuses that lie before you. Initially delivered as a glimmer program title (presently resigned) the game was ultimately brought over to both Android and iOS with 5 sections of game substance accessible for nothing.

Secret Case Files: Fate’s Carnival

Secret Case Files: Fate’s Carnival makes number 10 in the establishment. This doesn’t mean a watered-down experience either with a stunningly creepy, dim, and compelling game that draws from the fourth game in (Madame Fate) however makes a new excursion nonetheless. Set in Madame Fate’s turned amusement park there is a lot of miracle and secret.


Lume is a fascinating interpretation of the riddle experience type and is set in unusual cardboard finished world that stands up from different undertakings. Assuming that you are up for a one-of-a-kind encounter that you can appreciate on either your PC or handheld gadget (iOS) then this paper world conveys a lot of experience-based disclosure across a few hours of game time. While short and a straightforward undertaking the allure of Lume is its remunerating story premise and the interesting workmanship style that it utilizes.


Windosill is a bizarre climatic riddle game for your gaming gadget. Sent off online in 2011 and in the long run moved to iOS gadgets Windosill is a short riddle game where players should direct their little wooden toy train through various strange conditions. While this could seem like a basic thought on a superficial level players will find that they’ll need to utilize an exceptionally out-of-the-container figuring style to get past the 10 accessible levels.


The adorable robot style of Martin Magni (maker of Odd Bot Out) gets back with his most recent versatile game, Mekorama. This time around you’ll think of yourself as in a noteworthy 3D game world however with similarly cerebrum prodding puzzles. At an essential level, this robot title is tied in with directing your little robot (B) from his beginning point to an endpoint on each level.

Kindly, Don’t Touch Anything

Could you at any point fight the temptation to not touch a major red button directly before you? Kindly, Don’t Touch Anything challenges that suspicion with a riddle game with genuine outcomes. Kindly, Don’t Touch Anything is an enigmatic game title that will test your mind as you attempt to track down the 25-game endings. In doing so you’ll need to tackle different unobtrusive clues, try out various presumptions and eventually press the huge red button.

Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward

Denoting the second game in the Zero Escape establishment Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward consolidates any semblance of a visual novel with the player’s decision and departure from the room-style circumstances. The mix of types this time is accessible on Nintendo 3DS, Windows, PlayStation 4, and the PlayStation Vita, permitting more players to encounter the 24 different game endings.

The Last Wind Monk, The Inner World

The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk offers a special experience and world for players to investigate across different stages. Including a striking visual plan which is matched with an excursion of stock-based puzzles The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk is a pleasant experience title for fanatics of experience gaming. The actual game is really a re-visitation of the universe of Asposia which players might have recently investigated in The Inner World which was delivered in 2013, roughly 4 years.

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