Games Like Sword Art Online

While many could contend the tale of Sword Art Online isn’t truly outstanding, SAO’s idea remains very smart and new. This has permitted many games to be made that depend on Sword Art Online, particularly augmented reality games. In any case, we will list down one of the most mind-blowing games to play that are like SAO.

Sword Art Online is a Japanese light novel and manga that immediately became famous after the anime variation. Season one of Sword Art Online became moving in the anime local area, and it turned out as an immense achievement. The narrative of SAO discusses the fundamental person, Kirigaya Kazuto, getting caught in a computer-generated simulation computer game.

All players who had entered the game could never again log off. The best way to leave the game and recover cognizance, in actuality, was to finish all prisons and levels. The stakes of losing turned out to be high since players who might bite the dust in-game will likewise wind up kicking the bucket, in actuality, making bunches of pressure and dread upon everybody.


The presence of Dawn Garden, a secretive island, has brought a disrupting air that made the Alliance structure a review group to look at it. After not hearing any fresh insight about the study group, individuals accepted something horrible happened there. Presently, the Alliance should accumulate and go to the island again to find their overview group.

TERA is a 3D MMORPG that incorporates various races and classes to browse. You should finish the principal story to advance. Complete every accessible journey, step up your personality, find your abilities, improve your things, and go up against different players to battle the evil of Dawn Garden.


Mabinogi is an MMORPG in view of Welsh folklore. The game has a silly look as it was made utilizing Cartoon Rendering. The universe of Mabinogi is continually changing, considering rich ongoing interaction, not at all like numerous different games where you will confront a simple and unsurprising world, making the game become very dull.

In Mabinogi, you’re allowed to make your personality and redo your appearance. There are different things to pick and use during your interactivity. The most awesome aspect of the game is the absence of monotonous experience; the fights highlight energizing battles and capacities. The game is known for its accommodating standing; the players are superb and committed to aiding one another.

Winged serpent Nest

After the Goddess Altea had gotten harmed, numerous legends looked to the rest of the world in the desire for discovering some sort of fix to recuperate her from the toxic substance. Nonetheless, the excursions of those legends are loaded up with hindrances, the greatest one being the mythical beasts that undermine their regions.

A quick-moving activity 3D MMORPG with charming creatures made in lovely yet clear illustrations and surfaces, Dragon Nest permits you to play from four distinct classes; every last one of them has an alternate play style to the game and different capacities. Play and investigate, take part in PvP competitions, and welcome your companions for a fabulous excursion.

Beast Hunter Rise

Being the main talented beast tracker in Kamura town, you’re obliged to shield the town from beast waves goes after that had been putting dread upon the town; this was additionally named ‘Free for all.’ Monster Hunter: Rise is a development of the Monster Hunter establishment. Begin the game by altering your personality with limitless potential outcomes!

The game offers different tweaking decisions, and whenever you’re finished, you will get immediately dropped and engaged with the world. Begin finishing missions, then, at that point, make things from materials you have gathered and begin killing a large number of the horrendous beasts that are anticipating their casualties.


An allowed-to-play MMORPG was made and sent off in Korea, then, at that point, spread into Europe and North American servers. ArcheAge is an Open-World game loaded with PvP battles and a rich climate! Not at all like other MMO games, you can swim in the ocean and jump down to assemble uncommon plunder. ArcheAge urges players to associate with one another more than some other MMORPG with its extraordinary exchanging framework.

You will find a lost landmass and could wind up tracking down numerous intriguing fortunes. Including four races and ten trees that expandability, ArcheAge provides you with the choice of more than 100 unique classes. Contend with different players, protect yourself against ocean beasts, level your abilities up, and partake in the awesome universe of ArcheAge.

Elsword Online

Elsword Online is a 3D side-looking over MMORPG that happens in a dynamic scene. The particles, impacts, battle, and additional intriguing elements are vigorously anime-styled. Pick one of the many characters accessible where each has its class and extraordinary capacities. You will acquire insight as you play the game for both your personality and your record.

You can change the person’s class twice after specific levels, taking into consideration an exceptional and charming experience. Gather materials, create things, or get them from the market, get your personality to the most elevated level and watch them annihilate all foes in their manner! Or on the other hand, evaluate PvP for substantially more troublesome difficulties.


Begin your new MMORPG in Misthalin, and more deeply study the world like you. Collaborate with numerous NPCs and find out pretty much every one of the various realities of the historical backdrop of RuneScape, which was spread into 5 distinct ages. There are more than 200 missions accessible to finish as you experience the most characterizing element of the game, the legend and story.

There are more than 20 special abilities to discover that you can open as you step up. Runescape has a very long time of free satisfaction; there will constantly be something for you to do, you won’t ever get exhausted from this game, however, all things being equal, you will wind up soaking in it.

Time of Wushu

Military workmanship allowed to-play MMORPG made in North America. While it was slow-paced, the game pays off with investment. Long haul responsibility is compensated in the Age of Wushu as you find out about the game’s story and play during the Chinese Feudal Empire.

You should prepare your military craftsmanship abilities and foster madly strong mysterious spells as you take part in extraordinary PvP battles to be viewed as truly outstanding in MMO games. There are numerous abilities accessible to masters, such as flying or speed abilities. The main genuine drawback of the game is how much compensation to win is set upon each component.

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