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Individuals Playground is a Casual, Puzzle, and Single-player computer game created by mestizo. All through the game, the player expects to find the potential ways of killing a tacky person commonly. Each time, the player needs to concoct another strategy to wipe out the on-screen character. It is reasonable for grown-ups as there are dim ghastliness scenes making the children terrified.

Alongside shooting, the player can wound, consume, toxic substances, or smash the principal character. The game offers the player to utilize different items that can act as a weapon, going from tanks to electrical transmitters and synthetics. Strangely, the player can construct machines and use them to kill the fundamental person.

Hop into the experience, investigate various ways of killing, and utilize different items, and art machines utilizing legitimate tasks. Individuals Playground has center elements, for example, Multiple Scenario to Die, Playable for Adults, Crafting, and Many Objects.

Beat the Boss 4

Beat the Boss 4 is an Action, Puzzle, and Single and Multiplayer computer game by Game Hive Corporation for Android and iOS. The game spotlights those players who need to get revenge on their managers and their uninformed colleagues. There are heaps of instruments, weapons, hardware, and so forth are added to use during the game. It comprises a bunch of levels and offers comparative interactivity for everyone. The player needs to choose his weapon and plunge into the game existence where he can beat his supervisor in his own specific manner. Complete each level to sore the places and open other energizing highlights to drench yourself in an amazing ongoing interaction experience. Fired your manager utilizing weapons, kick and punch him and give him all offices that he merits. It is the great section in the very cool establishment named Beat the Boss. There are north of ten guides and thirty phases and the game incorporates customization choice, in which the player can tweak his weapons, chief, and stages and that’s just the beginning. Beat the Boss 4 offers center highlights like Premium Weapons, Unique Bosses, Multiplayer mode, and north of 180 hand-tailored Bosses, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You should try it; you’ll like it.

Beat the Boss 2

Beat the Boss 2 is an Action, Puzzle, and Single-player computer game made by Game Hive Corporation for Android and iOS. The game incorporates loads of weapons, apparatuses, and gear for those players who need to get payback from their supervisors. It offers an astonishing story, in which your manager is back and prepared to make your life exhausting. You’re not the person who follows the request. There is a chance to utilize mystical powers to whip your chief and utilize different deadly firearms, destructive sharp edges, and perilous weapons to get payback. It is the spin-off of Best the Boss and presents bunches of highlights. Finish your responsibility to win rewards, and use them to open further satisfaction in the game. There are more than seven phases, and each offers various supervisors and secrets to uncover. It incorporates premium weapons, for example, in excess of eighty skull-breaking, harrowing, and bone-breaking weapons. Beat the Boss 2 offers center highlights, for example, Funny Moments, Premium Weapons, New Way to Play, and New Maps and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Give it a shot, and you’ll cherish it.

Office Zombie

Office Zombie is a magnificent Action, Puzzle, and Single-player computer game created by the makers of Office Jerk, Fluid. It offers energizing interactivity and allows the player to utilize various items to demolish the undead zombie’s day. There is a progression of levels and each level offers comparable ongoing interaction. Beat the Boss 2 moves the game and it incorporates parts and elements to drench the player for the sake of entertainment habit-forming ongoing interaction experience. The fundamental undertaking is to battle off zombies by achieving its work and turning it into major areas of strength for it. Toss various articles all over and shoulder like a voodoo doll, skull, dependable trimming tool, blazing mixed drink, corroded saw cutting edge, and so forth. Open zombie entertaining responses by gathering an adequate number of scores. Complete each level and score the best focus to move the companions to beat it. The game opens further happily in the game as the player progress through it. Office Zombie offers center elements like Daily Challenges, Earn Rewards, Torture zombie with north of 20 Items, Complete Checklist, and then some. Give it a shot and you’ll cherish it.

Office Jerk

Office Jerk is an Action, Casual, and Single-player computer game created by Fluid for Android and iOS stages. It offers brilliant ongoing interaction and lets you an opportunity to turn into a cerebral pain for those folks who love their managers. Utilize various sorts of weapons, things, and gear to torment them and acquire focus to open further satisfaction. The game gives you drench yourself to access a stunning interactivity experience where your principal task is to toss various things at the person to hurt him and fight off by working.

Each level has comparative ongoing interaction and you can gain admittance to additional weapons in significant levels. You can toss bunches of things like a fishbowl, vanilla frozen yogurt, blue water swell, mousetrap, messy button, fire quencher, and zombie veil, from there, the sky is the limit. More than Thirty Items, Master the Office Jerk, Accomplish day-to-day Challenges, Earn energizing Rewards Daily, Achievements, Unlock entertaining Reaction, and so forth are the noticeable highlights of Office Jerk. Give it a shot to drench yourself in an entertaining habit-forming ongoing interaction experience.

Kill the Bad Stickman Boss

Kill the Bad Stickman Boss is an Action and Puzzle computer game accessible to play on Android. The game consolidates the components of Role-playing, and puzzle components and offers an energizing ongoing interaction, in which you should kill your awful supervisor in his style. There are various weapons, for example, rocket launchers, guns, assault rifles, and so on. Make your dungeon and toss your manager into it to give the super aggravation. The supervisor’s time’s up this moment it’s your opportunity to get payback, uncover your resentment of the awful chief, and give the manager what he merits. Whip them the supervisor in various levels and procure the most noteworthy focuses to open high-level things and weapons to torment your chief. The ongoing interaction is like the Beat the Boss Franchise. Tap and Drag Controls, a bunch of Weapons, Smash your manager Face, and so on are the noticeable elements of the game. You’ll enjoy it if you give it a try.

 Kick the Buddy: Second Kick

Kick the Buddy: Second Kick is an Action, Puzzle, and Single-player computer game for Android and iOS stages. It offers an energizing ongoing interaction and incorporates various weapons and things. There is an opportunity to stir things up around town and get revenge on him. The player can hit, consume, toss, and explode his pal to fulfill himself. The game comprises a progression of levels and each level offers invigorating ongoing interaction. It offers comparative interactivity like Beat the Boss establishment. The player should achieve each level by finishing targets and gaining three stars to open others. As the game advances, it becomes harder. The game incorporates instructional exercises and guides for first-time players. With heavenly highlights, energizing interactivity, splendid controls, and brilliant designs, Kick the Buddy: Second Kick is the best game to play and appreciate. Give it a shot, and it’ll engage you.

 Whack the Boss

Whack the Boss is an Action, Puzzle, and Single-player computer game for versatile stages, for example, on Android and iOS made by TerranDroid. The game offers you a potential chance to beat your chief and win astounding prizes. You can kick, crush, shoot and punch the manager to fulfill yourself. There is a monstrous assortment of weapons, things, and devices to beat your chief. It has various levels, and you should clear everyone at any expense to score the most noteworthy focuses. In the ongoing interaction, you can kick the chief, utilize the automatic weapon to shoot him, and slice him into different pieces utilizing atomic rockets. Through customization highlights, you’re ready to modify the essence of the manager as you need and put a genuine photograph of your supervisor to the person and give him what he merited. Whack the Boss offers center highlights, for example, 3D Physics-based levels, Fantastic Graphics, Customization, north of Eighty Weapons, and Upgrades and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Give it a shot, and you’ll cherish it.

Kick the Buddy

Kick the Buddy is an Action, Puzzle, and Single-player computer game created and distributed by Crustalli for iOS. The game offers invigorating interactivity and offers you a chance to fulfill your indignation by hitting a mate utilizing different weapons, devices, and crazy hardware. The game has heaps of tomfoolery and is exceptionally intended for those players who need to get payback from their chief, companions, and others. There are a few levels accessible, and the player needs to advance in everyone to proceed with the game and open further happy to appreciate more. The player can shoot, detonate, fire, freeze, and can perform whatever that he might envision with a mate. Take a risk to test his all abilities in the insane missions and procure focuses to turn into an expert. The game rewards the player with cash, as the level finishes by him and he can utilize the cash to open weapons, things, and projectiles to take advantage of mate in a fascinating way. Utilize a few weapons to shoot pal and submerge himself in a puzzle ongoing interaction experience. Take a chance at it, and enjoy yourself.

Pushing Hands: Fighting Game

Pushing Hands: Fighting Game is a Casual, Sports, and Single-player computer game for Android and iOS, created by HENN Inc. All through interactivity, the player plays as the need might arise to assault or shield the person thus based on battling. There are two buttons on the screen, like Attack or Defend.

The safeguard button makes protection against the adversary’s assault while the assault button permits the player to make an assault. The player who falls first will lose the game, so the player should make serious areas of strength and attempts to go after the rival with more power. It will end up being a counter-assault assuming the player goes after the rival at a particular time that will lead the player to triumph.

The game offers a few characters where each character has explicit safeguard and assault power. By gaining ground through the game, the player can open the high-level characters or update the current person’s powers. Pushing Hands

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