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In the wake of investigating the spans of room in Hello Games’ experience, you could end up searching for additional games like No Man’s Sky. All things considered, the commitment of getting to branch out into the extraordinary obscure and find exactly what is out there is very engaging, in any event, when it’s virtual. These games like No Man’s Sky exist to assist us with trying to achieve the impossible and take us on rambling missions installed or transport or planetside.

Since the send-off of Hello Games’ space investigation game, No Man’s Sky has developed and extended with an abundance of huge updates that have changed it into the experience it is today. With a steadily developing local area thus much to do and find, no big surprise No Man’s Sky has stirred a requirement for additional other-common undertakings. In this way, on the off chance that you love a specific perspective, be it exchanging, asset the board investigation, base creation, or something different on offer, we’ve assembled Ten games similar to No Man’s Sky to keep you in the air.


Assuming you love arriving on planets and investigating all that the brilliantly bizarre outsider universes bring to the table, Astroneer is about only that. In this sandbox-y space experience, you play as an Astroneer who lives in the 25th 100 years during the ‘period of intergalactic disclosure’. Setting off into the most distant scopes of space, you crash land on an odd new planet and need to adjust to the new climate and utilize the world’s assets to fix your space case.

By utilizing your imagination, you can utilize anything you mine or find to make quite a few distinct things, and fabricate bases and vehicles to traverse the territory. When you’re prepared to find more, you can travel to new universes – each planet is completely unique, and the new 1.0 update has added another planetary group. The planets all have stowed away insider facts to reveal by exploring across the world’s surface, or in any event, burrowing directly down to its center to find rarities and unwind the secrets of the universe. The low-poly craftsmanship likewise gives it an extremely engaging taste that rejuvenates the bright universes in a particular style.

Tiptop Dangerous

Tiptop Dangerous is another unconditional space investigation game that shares a few likenesses to No Man’s Sky. The planetary investigation is its greatest distinction, since Elite Dangerous allows you to arrive on certain planets, yet you can’t stroll across or investigate them similarly. All things being equal, you’ll invest your energy installing your adaptable boat and investigating its extensive open world. It is similarly as stupendous in scale, with 400 billion star frameworks to leap to, so you’ll unquestionably still get your occupy of space investigation in its diversion of the Milky Way.

Bearing the cost of you a comparative measure of opportunity to approach your space goes, however, you see fit, begin with a little boat and a minimal expenditure in your possession. By acquiring abilities and expertise, you’ll need to decide to make due in a system loaded up with difficulties – it likewise includes gathering bounties and exchanging. It’s important that as a hugely multiplayer space sim, you truly do need to be online to play it, however, there is an independent mode if you would rather not experience different players.


Starbound is practically similar to a 2D pixelated variant of No Man’s Sky, yet it has its own exceptional character and a few minor contrasts. When your homeworld gets obliterated, you escape in a spaceship that accidents onto an outsider world. You’re allowed to investigate all that the world brings to the table and shape how your story works out. To stall out into the RPG component and follow the fundamental mission to save the universe, you can.

Similarly, you can decide to investigate and colonize various planets however much you might want, and art and assemble a perpetual number of things and designs. Very much like No Man’s Sky, you additionally experience bunches of abnormal and wondrous outsider animals across the universe, in Starbound you can catch them to battle close by you. There are loads of things you’ll probably appreciate about Chucklefish’s enchanting intergalactic sandbox experience.


Subnautica offers an alternate sort of mind-boggling experience by allowing you to investigate a submerged outsider world. Saturated with secrets and loaded with various submerged landscapes and risks, your life case crashes onto the bizarre maritime planet, which conceals a ton of mysteries. It depends on you to deal with your oxygen supply and get by, as you set off to investigate the tremendous watery world.

Loaded up with strange ocean animals and its own environment, you’ll find wellsprings of food and experience frightful hunters who need you for their next feast. As you jump ever more profound, you can attempt to reveal exactly what has been going on with this planet. Building bases and overseeing assets will assist you with managing the special difficulties the planet presents you – like water strain for one. Despite the fact that it happens on a solitary planet, the open world is huge, and you’ll empty similarly numerous hours into investigating all that it brings to the table.


Rodina is a nonmainstream space investigation game set in a procedural planetary group comprised of a few planets and space rocks to investigate. You can fly onto the monstrous planets, or take in the elegant vistas from the solace of your completely adjustable boat inside that allows you to plan the design and stylistic layout of your boat. While there’s a sure quietness to be had in Rodina of looking through the window at the sparkling shape of a close by planet, the planetary group is likewise an unfriendly spot.

Entering the planets is a remarkable experience as your boat can wreck in the evolving environment, and you’ll likewise come into contact with AI foes on the weird planets that most certainly don’t enjoy harmony on their psyches. Fortunately, your boat is equipped with rockets and weapons to assist you with bringing them down. Made by a solitary engineer, it’s a fascinating consistent space-faring number that will allow you to experience your dream of steering your own personal spaceship.

Empyrion – Galatic Survival

Empyrion is another rambling, broad investigation game that allows you to explore through space and land on planets to uncover weird new universes. Very much like in No Man’s Sky, you’re allowed to stroll across planets and find outsider species with local verdure. As the administrator and last one standing of the ‘Titan’ frigate that accidents on an obscure planet in the Andromeda cosmic system, you set off to figure out exactly what occurred. With an entire host of different planets across the universe to find, each planet is exceptionally unique.

As a sandbox experience, you can fabricate your own space stations on any world you like, as well as develop your own boats. Normally creating implies you’ll have the option to mine and accumulate assets, and it likewise includes a tech tree to assist you with making further developed things. Empyrion’s planetary group has a lot of secrets to settle, as well. There’s such a great amount to investigate and find, this is only the ticket in the event that you’re searching for another universe to lose yourself in, with a lot of comparative components you’re certain to appreciate.

Out There – The Alliance

While Out There is a rebel-like investigation experience that works out as a thick comic book, you could in any case appreciate it assuming that you cherished No Man’s Sky. As a space investigation game with a distinction, Out There Alliance sees you attempting to endure alone in the furthest reaches of the universe, where everything is obscure. Weighty on overseeing assets and overhauling your spaceship, you can arrive on various planets where you’ll experience a lot of risks and disentangle strange en route.

The universe is procedurally produced as well and elements a making framework that allows you to make things utilizing unusual outsider innovations you go over. It probably won’t be as wide and expansive in scale as other space investigation games, yet Out There changes around the class with intelligent stories for you to investigate, and the primary storyline has a few distinct results to encounter. Initially delivered on Android and iOS prior to being extended for PC, the most recent Alliance version for the Switch adds a ton of new satisfied to look at.

Rebel Galaxy

Rebel Galaxy is about space investigation, and if you’ve at any point needed to be the commandant of a major strong destroyer transport this is for you. As you set out into profound space to places obscure, you’ll fight space privateers, experience outsiders, uncover irregularities, and search your direction through transport wrecks and space rocks to track down a wide range of treats. Transport battle is additionally at the core of this experience, with loads of chances for huge main side impacts against privateer ships.

You likewise have a ton of opportunities to conclude how your story works out. En route, you’ll experience loads of boat skippers, and you can choose to be a loathsome space privateer, or get to know outsiders and exchange with those you experience. The world has a lot of privileged insights to reveal, and you can decide to seek after the principal story crusade, or go off and investigate the brilliant fields of the room any way you need.


Everspace is much more activity orientated than No Man’s Sky, so in the event that you’re searching for an alternate sort of room investigation experience with a weighty side of shooting and plundering, this may be an ideal one for you. With roguelike components, you investigate the universe with procedurally produced levels, and each time you meet your destruction, you begin once more with the movement from your last run. Ultimately, with each asset you’ve assembled and the experience you’ve acquired, you’ll have the option to investigate a greater amount of the universe. En route, you’ll experience a large group of characters and continually be tested with new circumstances, which makes it truly replayable. It probably won’t be unassuming similarly to No Man’s Sky, yet the feeling of movement and extent of potential outcomes give it its life span.

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