Games Like Monument Valley

Assume you really love Monument Valley and have proactively attempted Monument Valley 2. All things considered, there are still heaps of tomfoolery puzzle games and puzzle platformers to attempt. Simply consider your #1 piece of the game and attempt to find one that integrates that component.

Evo Explores

The main thing you could see in Evo Explores is how comparable the game appears to Monument Valley. The levels are worked with a similar sort of drifting moderate designs as the dearest series. The tones are delicate pastels against the delicate shades of the sky behind the levels.

Evo Explores imparts one more quality to Monument Valley — you move your personality through the levels by tackling puzzles. Be that as it may, you will likewise investigate a foundation story all through the game, giving you additional motivation to get the riddles right.

That they’re so comparable seems OK when you consider the designer’s case that Monument Valley propelled Evo Explores in any case.

You can play Evo Explores on Android or iOS.


Mekorama is an ignored pearl in the realm of puzzle games. It is similarly compelling, graphically dazzling, and now and again, more troublesome than landmark valley.

The game plays on a straightforward isometric structure with perplexed circles, blocks, and lifts. You are a WALL-E-like robot who should settle a riddle to arrive at its objective. Appears to be simple right? Stand by till you step up.

Mekorama is accessible on Android and IOS


Kensho gives off an impression of being a basic riddle game from the start — you simply need to slide the tiles to finish each test. However, it has more profundity than that. Investigate the various elements and consider each move cautiously to advance.

Like Monument Valley, Kensho has an expert and loosening-up soundtrack that you can appreciate while dealing with the riddles. They additionally share quality characters. You could try and end up getting appended to a portion of the characters in Kensho as you progress through the levels.

Kensho is accessible on Android and iOS.

Lumino City

Lumino City is a riddle experience, similar to Monument Valley. Your complete riddles to make an excursion that takes you around the city and past trying to save your grabbed Grandfather. Characters sort out some way to utilize various gadgets to travel through the world and bring him home.

The game has wonderful designs, regardless of whether they’re somewhat unique about what you could anticipate. The characters and sets were produced using paper and moved as though they were made with stop-movement activity. All that in the game was shaped from paper, cardboard, paste, lights, and engines.

Play Lumino City on Android and iOS.


Wonderputt shares a unique world drifting over the ground with Monument Valley. It’s a golf match-up where you land your putts, and afterward, the very climate around you changes. Each course you complete offers you new chances and regions to get to.

There are different contemplations past the putter, ball, and course. Weather conditions can be your companion or your enemy, contingent upon how you utilize various circumstances. You’ll likewise get together with different creatures and senseless machines that can assist you with getting the ball into the opening and continue toward the following one.

Wonderputt is accessible on Android and iOS.


Assuming you love the design of Monument Valley, attempt Starman. The engineering of each level is a critical ongoing interaction highlight that must be thought about when you attempt to tackle the riddles. It’s anything but a high-speed game; you’ll gain more headway and have a good time if you pause and ponder the outcomes of each move before you make it.

The primary person exists in a world without light, and it depends on him to bring it back. The world, in general, has gone dull, yet you play a being of light who can change things. It’s a sluggish and massive game yet one you could appreciate unwinding with.

Samorost 3

Assuming you play Monument Valley for the strange pictures and testing puzzles, attempt Samorost 3. You play as a space dwarf with an enchanted woodwind that can assist you with making a trip to various universes as you look for the reality of the universe. The riddles you address to advance can be precarious and aren’t really for weak-willed.

Like Monument Valley, the designers appear to have placed a ton of care into this game. There are a lot of little subtleties to find that assist with making the game more vivid. Since there aren’t numerous instructional exercises, it’s the sort of game you need to simply begin playing and collaborating with to sort it out as you come.

Give Samorost 3 a shot on Android and iOS.


Basic, enchanting air and interactivity you’ll find in Shadowmatic. Like Monument Valley, it’s anything but an excessively perplexing riddle game from the get-go — yet there’s a ton of profundity underneath the surface. The actual game is exquisite and quiet to play since it has such a tranquil state of mind.

Like making shadow manikins on the wall when you were a kid, you’ll need to turn objects perfectly to make a shadow that seems to be something on the planet. A few levels even have more than one item, which offers a more troublesome test. In any case, each shadow arrangement will have something to do with the climate around you.

Play Shadowmatic on Android and iOS.


Outfolded is a moderate riddle game where you unfurl shapes to advance across the scene. Like Monument Valley, there aren’t numerous conspicuous pictures or physical science to divert you from the riddles. All things considered, it’s simply a loosening up game where you swipe to unfurl and attempt to sort out some way to move to start with one block and then onto the next.

The game has mitigating colors, an extraordinary score, and many levels. There are hints assuming that you stall out. It likewise offers a day-to-day puzzle so you have newly satisfied consistently, regardless of how deep into the game you progress.

Outfolded is accessible on Android and iOS.


In Faraway, you accumulate signs about your dad’s vanishing as you travel through antiquated ruins. The riddle game offers comparable subjects with Monument; since you’re looking for something to fix an issue in your life, as Ida does in the first Monument Valley.

Both your characters in Faraway and Ida in Monument Valley are on an excursion to be demonstrated commendable and fix an off-base that has impacted your life.

Distant has a more grounded setting, with 3D sanctuaries and vestiges to navigate. As you travel, you’ll need to collaborate with gadgets and settle puzzles. Overcome them, and you’ll have the option to track down pages from your dad’s journal to find what occurred previously.

Play Faraway on Android and iOS.


A fast look at the format of Umiro’s levels could help you to remember Monument Valley. Each guide is set on a moderate foundation and seems as though it could pop straight up through the screen. The two heroes are attempting to recuperate hallowed precious stones and reestablish variety in the world.

While the game gets more troublesome as you progress, the story will keep you needing to settle the riddles to get more data. Since you control both Huey and Satura, you need to contemplate both their activities assuming that you will beat the levels, track down new challenges to survive, and meet different characters.

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