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Interlace is an independent title that blends the riddle and stage type in with the remarkable component of time control to make a fascinating experience of a trying princess salvage. Initially sent off for Xbox 360 Braid was subsequently ported to different stages with similar center interactivity. In Braid players assume command over Tim as he endeavors to save the princess from a beast that anticipates the finish of your riddle experience. The connection between you and the princess is unclear toward the beginning of the game

Never Alone

Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) takes a fascinating setting and changes it into a convincing computer game zeroed in on the story and puzzle ongoing interaction across a sum of 8 game parts. With a solid air mixing with puzzle and stage mechanics Never Alone recounts a wise story of Alaska Natives that itself had improvement input from Indigenous individuals. Following introductory delivery, the game has become a number of accessible stages while likewise delivering a solitary development pack, Never Alone:


Machinarium offers a one-of-a-kind and compelling riddle experience game across various stages that uses a point-and-snap control plot and a world without discourse. Initially delivered for Windows in 2009 the game immediately extended to portable and control center stages permitting all gamers to investigate the story experience of Machinarium. You’ll get going settling puzzles in Machinarium yet immediately get taken part in the story and nearly fail to remember that you are playing a riddle game with the exceptional setting.

Oscura: Lost Light

After unintentionally annihilating the Aurora Stone, Oscura winds up expecting to find the shards which are presently spread around the Driftlands with numerous dull animals among you and these pieces. As this stone was the power behind the beacon that illuminated these terrains a critical experience holds the destiny of numerous on the line. This mishap wasn’t all awful however as it presented the force of shooting inside your hand which will act as your principal weapon

Albert and Otto

Selecting to take players to the core of a pre-World War II Germany for a riddle platforming experience is Albert and Otto. Not exclusively is it potentially the main game in this class to embrace such a setting highlighting a supernatural bunny is likewise the one game. While this is where the uniqueness closes with genuinely ordinary stage mechanics and a basic variety range along these lines Limbo Albert and Otto is a top-notch offering and stands apart pleasantly against the ocean of puzzle independent titles

The Swapper

The Swapper is a riddle game that is tied in with cloning yourself in an unending cycle to investigate the shocking deserted space station that you end up caught inside. With this dull air of The Swapper, the visuals and air components are similarly pretty much as solid as the exceptional center riddle mechanics and experience insight. In The Swapper players have the opportunity to investigate a modern examination office and space station known as Theseus absent a lot of beginning setting and who, what, where

But It Moves

But It Moves offers a remarkable stage insight and was assembled by the independent engineer Broken Rules. The game was delivered in 2009 for Windows and Mac. The beginnings of the game began back as a science project in the wake of getting countless game honor designations developed into a full game encounter. The game is however novel as it seems to be fun with players controlling their personality through different riddles and hazardous conditions.

Year Walk

Playing as Daniel Svensson as he visits his sweetheart Stina and participating in the Swedish customary of the year strolling is a theoretical experience with light loathsomeness and puzzle components properly named Year Walk. Intended for iOS and later coming to Windows/Mac and Wii U your process sees you endeavoring to do the dangerous issue of a Year Walk after Stina cautions you against it, having had her cousin kick the bucket from such action previously. Said Year Walk expects players to take Daniel Svensson to head


Bringing a realistic treat from an essential variety range is Monochroma, a title that is not difficult to discount as a Limbo clone, yet you’ll rapidly find it’s the only thing somewhere down by its own doing. Bringing you into an elective universe your story spins around the account of two siblings. With the more youthful sibling harmed from the get-go in the piece, this passes on the more seasoned sibling to bring him through the franticness and riddles that lie on pause.


NightSky presents to you a riddle experience game blended in with an activity component to convey a very much paced game. The game spotlights making an outwardly captivating encounter through a one-of-a-kind world. NightSky was first delivered on the Windows stage in mid-2011 and since its prosperity has extended to the Nintendo 3DS and ultimately iOS. The game has gotten selections for a few honors and uses a trial soundtrack with jazz establishments from performer Chris Schlarb.

Lost in Shadow

Lost in Shadow is an extraordinary 2D stage game that has you caught as your own shadow, restricting you to cooperation with just the shadows of items. The game was delivered in 2011 for the Nintendo Wii. In Lost Shadow, you’ll invest your energy behind the scenes of a few noteworthy game conditions as you just have control of the principal character’s shadow. In your experience, you’ll endeavor to climb the secretive shadow tower while finishing special riddles and fending off other shadow creatures.


Nihilumbra mixes puzzles and platforming ongoing interaction to convey a fascinating and dim experience game initially for iOS and presently accessible on a scope of stages. Entering the game world as Born, an animal that comes from the nothingness that is the Void you’ll experience out into the unfamiliar land and advance through the story to figure out yourself. The Void needs you back however and pursues you tenaciously all over the planet, declining to stop until you rejoin the nothing.

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