Games Like Diablo for Android

The Bard’s Tale

You are the Bard, a narrow-minded rebel tired of silly sub-missions and rodent-swarmed basements. Through mystical tune, you bring characters to join your journey for coin and cleavage! Plan to drench yourself in more than 20-30 hours of experience.

Winged serpent Warrior II

As the head of your gathering, you will go ahead with your partners. By consolidating your abilities, you can overcome even the most over-the-top savage gatherings of adversaries. Quite a while in the past, Erdrick the Great crushed the Dragonlord and recuperated the supernatural chunk of light in Alefgard. This courageous hero then, at that point, took Princess Gwaelin’s hand in marriage, and together they established the nation of Torland. Their association was honored and Gwaelin delivered two children and a little girl. Subject to the kids and their relatives there was flourishing all through the land for ages.

Avernum: Escape From The Pit

Spiderweb Software gets back to its legendary creation, to recount an account of detainment, resistance, and the battle for opportunity against overpowering chances. Avernum: Escape From the Pit is the principal part of an Indie dream pretending adventure, the story of frantic exiles and their fight for endurance and a land to call their own.

Last Fantasy

A detestable cover covers the world in the dimness. You should re-establish the powers of earth, wind, fire, and water to the Four Orbs. Make your band of 4 Light Warriors from contenders, cheats, military specialists, and performers. You’ll require every one of their abilities to win in this enormous pretending experience. Your tricky excursion takes you to all pieces of a peculiar new world. Investigate hazardous palaces and dull sinkholes where destructive dangers and extraordinary prizes anticipate every step of the way. Come, start your journey. Enter a charming new World. Order your champions! Get ready to confront the Final Fantasy!

Last Fantasy IV

Follow the dull knight Cecil – Lord Captain of Baron’s tip-top power, the Red Wings – as he leaves on a portentous excursion filled with preliminaries, treacheries, fellowship, misfortune, and self-disclosure. Tormented with vulnerability over his ruler’s intentions, could Cecil at any point get some distance from the way of murkiness and annihilation?


NetHack is a solitary-player roguelike computer game. The player takes the piece of a prison diving character looking for the Amulet of Yendor.

Mythical serpent Warrior

Mythical serpent Warrior… the legendary start of another time in computer games. Simple finger speed and sweat are no counterpart to the difficulties of this game. You will be expected to utilize rational thinking, not a speedy blade to overcome your foes. Everything is obscurity. The Dragon-master has caught the Princess and taken Erdrick’s strong chunk of light. You are Erdrick’s successor. To you has fallen the most perilous undertaking – to save the King’s little girl and recuperate the spiritualist wad of light. Your main goal is lethal; however, it is your destiny.

Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Edition

Set out on an excellent experience in this turn-based, retro style, pixel-workmanship RPG, roused by the extraordinary titles of the ’90s. Assume the jobs of in-game players assuming the jobs of their characters in a conventional pen and paper RPG meeting in a definitive meta pretending experience.

Mission of Dungeons

The mission of Dungeons is a turn-based prison crawler game including an old-fashioned 16-bit retro creative look. By playing as either a Warrior, Wizard, Assassin, or Shaman you need to cross prisons, rout foes, and plunder all that you can to get by.

Coldfire Keep

An old power lies covered up, profound inside Coldfire Keep, compromising the quiet town of Newsletter. Presently four companions should volunteer to become legends, and adventure into the profundities on a journey to get their town’s future. Cold fire Keep is a customary, old-school prison crawler, affectionately hand-made for enthusiasts of the class. Including framework-based development and dynamic turn-based battle, Coldfire Keep draws motivation from exemplary late 80s and mid 90’s prison creeping undertakings

Chrono Trigger

The game’s legend, Chrono, is shipped into the past and winds up adjusting the direction of history, and with it the future also. The basic time travel component of the game empowers players to adjust the game by changing the past, giving players various endings and astounding recurrent gameplay esteem. There are smaller than usual journeys, a gigantic cast of characters, reasonable time travel, non-direct gameplay, and more dynamic and intuitive fight scenes.

Destruction and Destiny

Four geeks, brought into dreamland and confused with legends, need to fight their direction through a monstrous, insane experience and rout a crazy lowlife! Destruction and Destiny is a turn-based entertaining RPG where you assume command over a party of four regular companions. Venture through an eccentric story loaded up with farces and appearances. Begin your experience in an exemplary prison with mythical beasts, save the princess with the assistance of a green-dressed mythical being and afterward fly to the manga-themed city with the assistance of a popular Italian handyman. This is Doom and Destiny, the flying-spaghetti dream experience!

Ys I: Ancient Ys Vanished

When quite a while in the past, the Kingdom of Y’s fell under a rule of fiendishness. Be that as it may, the Goddesses of Y’s saved the Kingdom from ruin. Their accomplishments were written in 6 mysterious books and concealed until the time the Goddesses would be required once more. After 1,000 years, that opportunity has arrived. You are Aron, a drifter. A malevolent alchemist named Dark Dekt is arranging devilish sorcery. Furthermore, the Seer Sara is frantically searching for a fighter to help her track down the evaporated 6 books of Y’s. Presently arm yourself and get ready for an experience in the unexplored world.

Dimness Rises

Dimness Rises is an astounding pretending game. In this game, clients need to assume command over one of the legends who is attempting to kill the vile centaur.

Dimness Rises

The issue is that he has a tremendous armed force that will upset you en route to the objective. Pick a legend, realize every one of the essential abilities, and take part in an untrustworthy fight with an enormous multitude of undead and accomplish your primary objective. As you progress, you will get the experience that can be spent working on your legend. You can work on his actual execution, yet additionally, get new abilities that will be very helpful in fights.

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