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best places to live in France

France has for long caught the creative mind of numerous as the nation is home to probably the best urban communities in Europe. It is famous for its set of experiences, design, cooking, craftsmanship, and engineering. The nation amazes with astounding open fields, flawless grape plantations, dazzling cityscapes, and a neighborhood culture dissimilar to some other.

In a nation known for the overwhelming majority particular urban communities, picking one for your definitive French experiences is the genuine test. With various novel areas, the decision can lightheaded.

To place your psyche settled and help with pursuing a decision a lot simpler, we have made this manual for the ten best and best urban communities in France.

Best Places to Live in France for:

  • Expats – Paris
  • English Speakers – Bordeaux
  • Advanced Nomads – Lyon
  • Solo Travelers – Toulouse
  • Couples – Montpellier
  • Gatherings – Luberon

Top 10 Places to Live in France

1. Paris

The capital city of France is Paris. It is known all around the world for its astonishing tourist spots, for example, The Eiffel Tower, The Louver Art Museum, the Arc de Triomphe, and so on. There are a very sizable amount of exercises to fill your Paris schedule, displaying the best in gastronomy, engineering, clubs, and diversion settings. This makes Paris an incredible cosmopolitan city and an extraordinary spot for expats to live.

Tip: Learning some essential French will assist you with making companions and incorporate into Parisian culture.

Who Would Like to Live There: Expats and English Speakers


The public vehicle framework in Paris is fantastic.

Paris is home to an enormous expat local area.

There are numerous convenience choices in Paris.


The cost for many everyday items in Paris is very high.

Potential language obstructions.

Convenience sizes are little.

2. Bordeaux

Best Place to Live for English Speakers


Average cost for many everyday items: $

The city of Bordeaux sits on the delightful Atlantic coast. Settled in France’s wine area, the city is a tribute flawlessly and history. Being a city loaded up with probably the best grape plantations, high end eateries, and many gentle endured sea shores, the city of Bordeaux has turned into a transitional experience for explorers to France.

Tip: The city lobby in Bordeaux has yearly “newbie” gatherings, which are great to go to once in the city.

Who Would Like to Live There: English Speakers and Expats


Bordeaux is found near extraordinary sea shores.

The neighborhood cafés offer perfect, really french food.

Low living costs in contrast with Paris and other significant urban communities.


Unfortunate public vehicle framework.

The joblessness rate is very high.

Local people might possibly be aloof.

3. Lyon

Best Place to Live for Digital Nomads


Cost for many everyday items: $$

The city of Lyon, arranged between the two waterways, claims first reward for computerized travelers. There are endless novel and stunning bistros and eateries all through the city, each with a particular energy. Far in excess of that, the city is unmistakably positioned an hour or so away from the French Alps.

Tip: Invest in a neighborhood SIM card while moving to Lyon.

Who Would Like to Live There: Digital Nomads and English Speakers


Great medical care administrations.

Lyon is an extremely protected city.

The city is amazingly gorgeous.


Potential language obstructions.

The city can get stuffed with vacationers.

Moderate to significant expense of living.

4. Montpellier

Best Place to Live for Couples


Typical cost for most everyday items: $

In the event that you’re searching for the ideal city to investigate and encounter with your life partner, Montpellier is the best spot. The city has an almost boundless number of eateries, clubs, bistros, sea shores, pleasant professional flowerbeds and parks. For vital minutes Montpellier is cut from its own fabric.

Tip: Renting is a superior choice for couples while searching for convenience.

Who Would Like to Live There: Expats and Couples


Montpellier is home to heavenly cooking.

Heaps of social exercises to appreciate.

The mid year weather conditions is wonderful.


Expected language and social hindrances.

A little city can become busy without any problem.

The cold weather months can get extremely blustery.

5. Luberon

Best Place to Live for Groups


Cost for many everyday items: $

In the event that the buzzing about of France’s significant urban communities get excessive, then, at that point, the grand and loosened up city of Luberon is where you should be. The city offers essentially every indoor and open air relaxation action, from climbing, cycling, and skiing to ramble flying. More than that, the city has various food markets and grape plantations.

Tip: With such countless things to see and do, utilize your ends of the week to find everything.

Who Would Like to Live There: Groups, Expats and Digital Nomads


The region is home to probably the most gorgeous landscape.

The overall personal satisfaction is exceptionally high.

Convenience is entirely reasonable.


The public vehicle framework is nearly non-existent.

Potential language hindrances.

Can feel disconnected from the remainder of France.

6. Dordogne

Best Place to Live for Countryside Retreats

dordogne-scene france

Cost for many everyday items: $$

Comprising of an assortment of little towns, Dordogne, is an ideal area tore from a French book. The locale has wonderful green fields illustrated by token backwoods with bountiful rich history and authentic destinations. Quiet waterways go through the district where there will never be a lack of incredible wine, exceptional cooking, and essential minutes.

Tip: Dordogne has probably the best property costs in France, both for leasing and purchasing.

Who Would Like to Live There: Expats and Digital Nomads


There is an enormous expat local area.

Condo and house costs are reasonable.

Extraordinary Mediterranean climate.


There are no shores.

On the off chance that searching for a metropolitan way of life, Dordogne isn’t it.

Warming up to locals can be troublesome.

7. Provence

Best Place to Live for Beach Getaways

provence-france-sea view

Cost for most everyday items: $

The sea shores and sandy bayous of Provence are engraved in the memory of any voyager who has found the waterfront tastefulness of France. Provence draws an ever increasing number of voyagers because of a staggering number of apparently unseen bays and sea shores. For anybody searching for languid ocean side excursions, Provence is pausing.

Tip: Heading outside of what might be expected will guarantee extraordinary secret sea shores.

Who Would Like to Live There: Digital Nomads and Groups


Almost perpetual measure of novel sea shores.

Nearby cafés and bistros are superb.

Provence is entirely available from different urban areas.


Convenience costs are modestly high.

Sightseers flood the region during summer.

8. Annecy

Best Place to Live for Adventurers

annecy-waterway france

Cost for most everyday items: $$$

Annecy is the go-to objective for adrenaline junkies and explorers. The town offers a few adrenaline-surging exercises, including paragliding, mountain trekking, and skiing. Not to avoid human expression, there are additionally a few craftsmanship scenes and vacation spots.

Tip: Getting associated with neighborhood sports and experience clubs will assist you with coordinating into Annecy.

Who Would Like to Live There: Expats, Solo and Group Travelers


An enormous number of exercises.

Extraordinary neighborhood bistros and eateries.

The region doesn’t get excessively stuffed.


The high language boundaries.

It are staggeringly high to Live expenses.

Not family-orientated.

9. Pleasant

Best Place to Live for Art Lovers

pleasant france-beachfont

Average cost for many everyday items: $$$

Being the capital of the French Riviera, Nice is an euphoric mix of metropolitan cityscapes and stunning engineering. All of which meet up in many displays, exhibitions, and historical centers. Pleasant is a couture piece of French city-living, drawing in travelers in light of multiple factors.

Tip: Make as much utilization of the public vehicle framework in Nice as it is proficient and modest.

Who Would Like to Live There: Expats and Couples


The nearby work market is extremely inviting to expats.

Incredible social variety.

Quality medical care administrations.


Decent is an expensive spot to live.

Neighborhood client support norms are low.

It can get stuffed with worldwide understudies and vacationers.

10. Toulouse

Best Place to Live for Solo Travelers


Cost for many everyday items: $

Toulouse is broadly viewed as the most gorgeous city in France. The city is a blend of French and Spanish, likewise called the “Pink City” due to the earthenware blocks of practically all structures. You will find gastronomy paradise, magnificent wine bars, and interesting bistros all through the city. Toulouse is ideally suited for your performance ventures.

Tip: Toulouse is home to a few French-language schools to assist you with learning the nuts and bolts.

Who Would Like to Live There: Expats, Digital Nomads and Groups


Toulouse has a very much associated air terminal.

Scarcely any traffic issues ever.

The typical cost for most everyday items is truly reasonable.


The weather conditions can get singing and sticky.

Potential language obstructions.

There are a great deal of worldwide understudies who swarm the city.

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