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best places to live in Essex

Essex is quite possibly of the most different district in England, and it’s additionally home to probably the best towns to reside in the entirety of the UK. Our top picks incorporate Colchester, Chelmsford, Basil don, Saffron Walden, Dedham Vale, and Portlet. From field living to city life – Essex towns have everything!

In Essex, you’ll track down various sorts of networks. We’ve ordered a rundown of the six best places to reside in Essex that are perfect for any way of life and have something extraordinary about them.

1. Basil don

Basildon is known for its lodging and industry. It’s an intriguing blend on the grounds that the city used to be essentially private, however presently it has even more a business center.

It’s arranged adequately close to London for accommodation and encompassed by the delightful Essex open country so you can escape into nature any time you like.

The earliest occupants were Anglo-Saxons, and this was their settlement of Basilea, which they named after a lady called Basila who established it in 654 AD.

Over time, new developments found and settled here, including Normans, Romans, Vikings. I could go on!


You’ll track down a lot of conveniences in Basildon, similar to extraordinary optional schools and temples with high verifiable worth. One of our number one spots is Basildon Market Square, where you can get all that from new fish to classic garments!

Just 45 minutes to London Liverpool Street

The town of Basildon is an incredible suburbanite town. A train excursion to London’s Liverpool Street station normally requires something like 45 minutes and has simple admittance to the M25 for the individuals who love living near work.

Lodging cost

The typical cost of a home in Basildon is around £250,000. This is below the public normal expense.

The town has additionally been delayed to recuperate from downturn because of its vicinity to London which would regularly draw in additional purchasers searching for reasonable lodging.

On the off chance that you’re searching for some place that isn’t excessively packed yet at the same time adequately vivacious, then, at that point, Basildon could be one the best places to reside in Essex!

2. Colchester

Lodging In ColchesterIt’s sufficiently nearby to London, however not an enormous worker town and, obviously, away enough from the rushing about of the city.

The town of Colchester is situated in upper east Essex and has been around for north of 2,000 years. The name gets from “Colonia”, meaning settlement, and alluding to its Roman roots as a station or general store on the River Colne. Which once went through what was then marshland between two slopes – consequently ‘Col-cester’.


You will track down the best food, craftsmanship, and culture in this modest community. A portion of the features incorporate The Colchester Castle Museum. That is home to a broad assortment of Roman curios and the White Hart Theater, where you can get a show or appreciate supper while appreciating perspectives on this memorable city.

Also, we should not fail to remember the Colchester Zoo, home to different creatures, including giraffes, zebras, and flamingos.

One of the interesting tourist spots is Colchester Castle, situated on top of a slope inside the town’s middle. It was worked for the King between 1207-1214 AD by Earl Johnby William and held its protective use until World War II when it turned into a military base camp from 1939-’45.

The palace offers lovely perspectives over exceptionally old cobbled roads beneath where you can see Saint Mary toward one side, established in 1080AD by Robert Bloet Bishop.

Normal house cost

The real estate market presents many choices to suit each spending plan. The lodging cost normal in Colchester is £270,000. Nonetheless, this figure shifts relying upon the sort of house you are searching for.

The typical expense for a semi-disengaged house is £320,000, and a loft is £180,000.

Colchester is one of the most mind-blowing spots to live in Essex and a special and undisputed top choice.

3. Purfleet

Lodging In PurfleetWith around 6,000 individuals, this town has an entrancing history worth looking at on the off chance that you’re visiting or living around here.

A few notable structures here date back to Tudor times, including St Mary’s Church, tracing all the way back to 1269!

The cutting edge Purfleet has as much help for artistic expressions as it accomplishes for sport. The nearby football club FC Purfleet is known locally and has an unwavering following of fans who routinely go to matches.

Area, area, area!

Set amidst a lavish, Purfleet has many green spaces, and it’s simply close to North London.

This little city is one of those alluring worker towns with a lot to offer and simple access. Being just a 45 minutes train venture from London Liverpool Street station makes it an optimal area in the event that you’re a suburbanite and need to live in Essex.

Seeing as the right home

The real estate market in Purfleet can be trying to explore in light of the fact that it holds a wide assortment of properties, from recently constructed pads to period homes.

You can find the two condos and houses nearby with costs beginning at just £150,000. Besides, there are numerous continuous turns of events, so there’s no stress over how old they are!

Purfleet isn’t a coastline town like West Mersea, and that implies it’s anything but a well known, swarmed vacationer location. Here you can partake in a quiet climate with the in addition to of its vicinity to London, and the great vehicle joins make it worth looking at.

4. Saffron Walden

Lodging In Saffron WaldenThis old, notable market town settled in the core of Essex and on the banks of the River Cam has a rich history tracing all the way back to Roman times.

The spot was first referenced by name as ‘Saffronwaldin’ in 1121 when it became home to a Benedictine cloister.

Extraordinary neighborhood local area

The ongoing town’s populace surpasses 10,000 individuals, and it is known for its incredible shopping potential open doors, craftsman food makers, and bistros.

The Sunday Times Magazine has positioned the town as one of the Most amazing Places to Live in Britain.

A town that seems to be a fantasy, Saffron Walden is the ideal objective for those hoping to get away. Loosen up in one of its numerous wonderful gardens and experience an English-style casual get-together with little sandwiches from its neighborhood organizations.

Regardless of what season or day, this curious town feels perfectly.

The town is popular for its closeness to focal London and for being one of the most mind-blowing worker towns with incredible street connects to Cambridge and Stansted Airport.

With a typical house cost remaining at £176,000 and normal local charges beneath £1,200 each year, it’s no big surprise that this town has been casted a ballot one of the most mind-blowing spots to reside in Essex.

5. Chelmsford

Lodging In ChelmsfordChelsmford is a pleasant town with numerous middle age structures and exhibition halls. English Heritage assigned it as a site of public significance for its verifiable worth. The city additionally has a yearly fair celebration each July called “Chelmsfords Carnival”.

Getting city status in 1966, Chelmsford is the third most crowded town in Essex, and it’s one of the “Constable nation” towns.

The town of Chelsmford is additionally near the M11, A14, and is an hour’s typical excursion time from London.

A major business is a major genius.

The city additionally has a few major businesses like General Electric which implies there are a lot of positions for the individuals who need them!

One more in addition to side? The town flaunts magnificent state schools as well, so you can have confidence your kids will be knowledgeable regardless of where they’re residing.

Essex County Council works generally government funded instruction administrations inside Chelmsford City as legally necessary. Counting free pre-school childcare arrangement for three to four-year-olds.

A considerable lot of activities

It has every one of the conveniences you might at any point need in an English city, including its clamoring Bond Street region brimming with shops and cafés for each taste. There are in every case a lot of things for a youthful family to do here!

Chelmsford has a typical house cost of around £259,000, and a starter home costs a typical cost of £170,000.

6. Dedham Vale

Lodging In Dedham Vale When you consider those ideal British more modest towns, the odds are good that Dedham Vale is on your rundown.

The curious town with a neighborhood local area of just 3,700 was positioned as one of England’s most beneficial spots to live and work in late studies by Imposes MORI and Lloyds Bank Wealth Management.

The shocking Dedham Vale was a locale in Essex that turned into the most well off area of England. This fortune and abundance came from house costs, which soar since it sat on a significant shipping lane among London and Norwich.

Dedham turned out to be notable after the painting by John Constable, ‘The Cornfield’.

Dedham Vale is in many cases thought about perhaps of England’s most lovely district. It flaunts moving slopes spotted by sheep nibbling on knolls like scenes from compositions wake up! However, shockingly enough, lodging costs are reasonable here – even at lower levels than London or Cambridge!

Remarkable regular excellence

Regardless of whether you need to move there immediately, Dedham is a wonderful put to visit on the ends of the week. Inside its boundaries are delightful timberlands and carrying slopes that loosen up for a significant distance, the ideal spot for mountain trekking sweethearts.

Local people have protected their remarkable normal magnificence with a basic touch. Ranches specking the field give new milk from cheerful cows nibbling in green spaces, practically like Hylands park throughout the entire year!

Inside Dedham Vale’s boundary lies a beautiful old forest and rambling slopes extending as may be obvious.

This provincial sanctuary has been kept unadulterated by occupants who ranch calmly inside its limits giving newly collected produce yearly!

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